Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Breakfast B-egg-le Sandwich

This is a work morning staple around our home because it is ready so quickly, and is great to take on the go for a busy work morning. However, this quick, delicious breakfast was an accidental invention from a relaxing morning off...

Peter and I had just returned home from a ski trip to June Mountain. A good friend, Rose, came home with us to visit for a few days, so we thought it would be fun to make breakfast burritos together on our first morning back. However, on the road trip home we (of course) payed a visit to the world famous 'Erick Schat's Bakery' in Bishop, California, where Peter grabbed up all of their asiago cheese bagels until he had cleared the shelf. 'Oh my goodness!' I thought, 'Why would we ever need so many?!' Naturally, when it came time to make breakfast burritos with Rose, Peter wanted a burrito AND a bagel! Thus came the creation of our breakfast b-egg-le!

'What happened to the rest of the bagels?' you wonder... Well, they freeze very well, so now it is so easy to pull them out one by one to recreate this scrumptious and fast dish whenever we need a good breakfast in a hurry. Now Peter looks like a genius :)

If you don't happen to be passing by Schat's Bakery anytime soon, I have found that Von's (or Pavillion's or Safeway... they're all the same company) has a fabulous asiago cheese bagel at their bakery counter.

Ingredients (for each serving):
1 asiago cheese bagel
2 eggs
a couple pinches of shredded cheese
a few slices of avocado
(Look at how fun these fresh eggs are! Some of our friends have a chicken coupe and get to collect fresh eggs daily! ...yes it is possible to raise your own chickens in Orange County, haha! Thanks for sharing with us guys!)

1. Cut your bagel in half and put them in the toaster. By the time they are done toasting, everything else will be ready to assemble:
2. Crack your eggs in a medium hot pan:

3. Pan scramble your eggs (when they are somewhat firm underneath but still wet on top, scramble them up with your rubber spatula)

4. Before the scrambled eggs are completely firm, pull them together with your spatula so that they are in a unit that will fit nicely on the bagel. Then turn off the heat.

 5. Grab your bagel out of the toaster; Slice avocado on one side and sprinkle some cheese on the other. The cheese not only adds a little flavor, but it will melt onto the hot bagel and act like a glue to hold the eggs in place like.

6. Then transfer your eggs to the cheesy bagel and sprinkle with Tapatio to your liking.

7. Enjoy!

** Nutrition Noteworthy: 
-If you are watching your cholesterol levels, you can skip the cheese, and omit one or both egg yolks to make this a healthier egg white and avocado breakfast! 
-Avocado is high in Omega-3, which is a GOOD fat that helps fight bad cholesterol.

If you choose to remove the yolks, frying or pan scrambling are really the best methods I've found for cooking egg whites. Otherwise, when the whites alone are mixed with a fork or whisk before going into the frying pan, they get too foamy and don't cook to the same egg texture that you're used to.

These are easy to wrap in foil or package in a little to-go box for a healthy, hurried breakfast on the go. Peter says, "These keep me away from fast food restaurants in the morning."   ..Oy vey!

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  1. I love Schat's bakery but I don't love the line after a busy ski weekend! That's why the "day-old" 1/2 off rack is so great. Same great taste with no wait. It's time to go snowboarding again so we can pick up more bagels, or should I say B-egg-els!