Friday, March 25, 2011

'Home-Crafted' Mocha Frappuccino

Before the days of Starbucks' 'hand-crafted beverages', Diedrichs was the place to go! And when I was a little girl my mom used to take me out as a special treat to Diedrich's Coffee to get a blended mocha. We always thought it was funny that I loved coffee drinks so much and at such a young age- especially because my parents were never big coffee drinkers. I mean, they would drink it socially or with dessert on a special night out at a restaurant, but our home certainly never woke up to the smell of fresh coffee; in fact, I don't know if our family even owned a coffee machine when I was growing up! But my love for coffee started when my third grade teacher let me drink coffee out of her cartoon 'tasmanian devil' mug. Of course I didn't like the bitter taste of coffee at first, but I pretended to like it so that I could keep getting coffee in that cool mug that all of us kids coveted :) Eventually, I became that little girl who would sneak a cup of coffee at church when I got out of Sunday school before my parents... and before you knew it I was a full-blown coffee lover! I was all about coffee drinks, coffee ice cream, coffee candies, coffee EVERYTHING. Hence, when my mom and I would have 'mommy and me' days together, she knew it would be a special treat to take me out to get mochas together.  My dad called our drinks 'no fun mochas' because we would always ask for ours 'sugar free, fat free, and no whipped cream'.

When Costco started selling that mocha powder by Caffe D'Vita, we loved making blended mochas at home! Now, it is a special treat that I get to share with Peter. Whether it's a weekend treat on a hot afternoon, or if it's a fun dessert to sip on while we curl up on the couch after dinner, we really enjoy this blended treat. Give it a 'whirl' (no pun intended :) ...I'm sure you'll enjoy it too!

Recipe (for 2):

  • 2 cups Fat Free Milk
  • 3 heaping Tablespoons of Caffe D'Vita 'Mocha Cappuccino' powder (I've tried the 'French Vanilla' flavor, but I would warn against it).
  • 1 Tablespoon of Rich Chocolate Ovaltine (Don't make fun of me... I told you this started when I was young! hehe) -this chocolate brings out a deeper/richer flavor in the mocha.
  • 12 Ice Cubes

Pour your milk and your powders into the blender. 

Then blend it all together for a few seconds until it looks like you have chocolate milk.

Add the ice cubes and blend for 40 seconds or so (depending on the strength of your blender) until all the ice is finely blended. 
Eventually, the blades will spin so fast that they may hollow out a void around them and they will cease to blend the actually drink. If this happens (which it does to me every time), just turn it off, keep the lid on, and shake it or tap it down on the counter a little bit until that air pocket/bubble rises and explodes on top (hence, keep the lid on :) Then blend a few more seconds and pour into your cups!

Sip away on this delightfully frosty treat!

Helpful Hint: When cleaning the blender, I like to rinse out the glass carafe, then fill with hot soapy water and spin it on the blender for a little bit so that it can clean every little bit inside :) Then rinse again and repeat until your cleanliness OCD is satisfied :)

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