Monday, May 9, 2011

BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders

Peter's birthday always falls near Mother's Day, if not ON Mother's Day. So this year we did a combination Mother's day/Birthday party all in one day. After church, we came home and had a Mother's Day brunch in honor of Sherry (my mommy-in-law). Then we went for a little hike, a game of frisbee, and finally a walk on the beach. Then we came back home and switched gears to a BBQ birthday celebration for Peter. I knew I had to build in some short cuts if we were going to successfully throw two parties in one day while still getting to spend time together and not spend the whole time in the kitchen. 

These little pulled pork sandwiches were the perfect dish for our double-celebration day. They are so easy... in fact, they are like the anti-cooking dish! All you have to do is put the meat in a crock pot with BBQ sauce, and then go about you're day. When you are ready to eat, the meat is ready too! It practically falls apart at the touch of a fork. All you have to do is toast some King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls and eat! 

As soon as Pete and I woke up, we put the meat in the crock pot with a bottle of BBQ sauce and set it on low for 8 hours. Then we went to church for mothers day, came back and made brunch, enjoyed the afternoon with everyone, and never had to stop to make the food for Peter's BBQ. It was all done in the crock pot on its own! :) We toasted the sweet rolls, grilled the corn and enjoyed an effortless birthday BBQ.

Ingredients (feeds 10 adults):
  • 4 to 5 lbs Pork
  • 1 medium sweet, yellow onion
  • approximately 40 ozs  BBQ Sauce, divided  ***(I LOVE Sweet Baby Ray's Original BBQ sauce)***
  • 3 dozen King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

Slice the onions and place them in the bottom of the crock pot. 
Place all the meat on tope of the onions. 
Pour about 30 ounces of BBQ sauce on top of the meat. 
Cover with a lid and set the crock pot on 'low' for 8 hours. 

8 hours later, and NO time spent actually cooking, you will have juicy, sweet, tender BBQ pork ready to eat!

 I use a pair of kitchen tongs to pull the meat out of the crock pot and place in onto a serving platter. Drizzle some of the liquid from the crock pot over the meat to keep it moist, and add the rest of the reserved 10 ounces of BBQ sauce. As you mix it together with a fork or with the tongs, break up the meat a little bit ('pull' it) and you will see that it is so tender that it basically falls apart on its own!

All you have to do is toast the rolls and these sliders are ready for the party!

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